Increase traffic by posting on forums

Affiliate marketing is definitely an area where people need to feel integrated into a community. Brand yourself in this big community, you can do it in your spare time, and it will help you gain traffic and respect for your knowledge! In order to be a successful affiliate, you need to focus on networking a lot, you need to keep yourself up to date with the newest tips and trends, and to create yourself an image on the web, it is a matter of PR after all.

Be the Spiderman of online gambling, the voice of the people on forums, and it could turn out to be a great way to increase traffic to your site. Affiliates, both beginners and more experienced in the branch, need advice, expertise, need to find ways to learn some SEO or to receive many other useful info. It can be a place where you learn to develop yourself and your website.

If you want your posts on the forums to quickly transform into high traffic for your site, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

Find high-rated forums. To get the highest exposure, you need to be a constant presence in active forums, where people can find regular posts, about various subjects.

Don’t break the board rules. Fair-play, like in sports, is a must in affiliate marketing forums as well. Read carefully the forum rules and guidelines and do your best not to break them, remember you are on a foreign ground, so the rules need to be respected if you want a long-term visa 😉

Choose the topics with few replies and many views. After you decided which forums are worth your while, the next step is to decide on which threads you should focus your attention. You need to become visible, and a topic with too many replies could make you pass by unnoticeable. Since time is money, you want your time well spent. Check which issues remained somehow unsolved or didn’t get enough attention from others and use your best skills to provide an answer. Browse among older threads and do your share of research, this way you may learn a thing or two for your own personal information also.

Open your own new topics. “Pioneering” in any situation shows courage and professionalism. If you think you have something interesting to share with the public, dare to do so, any tip or any advice can be a method to gather yourself some fans. Even the right question can make you noticed, don’t be shy, you can reinvent yourself on the web, so brand yourself as an assertive individual! However, read carefully the other posts to check if your topic hasn’t already been covered. Also, try to choose a relevant and meaningful title for your new thread.

Invest in your signature link. When you participate to discussions, people need to be able to contact you easily. The signature can be a combination of text and image, you can be creative, you can share a life motto, try not to make it too large though, it might end up being removed by the admin. Make people feel intrigued about you, but in the same time your signature needs to make a statement about who you are.

Participate actively to discussions. Share your wisdom on the subjects you feel the strongest about. This is how you build a network, by being helpful you can expect others to return you the favor. You know the saying “what comes around goes around”, well, helping others is not simply a matter of gaining good karma, it’s actually a way to accumulate clicks and to become a name in the industry.

It is preferable that you use plain text instead of HTML so that everyone can be able to read your post. Another important advice would be that you should try to keep it short and simple; people don’t have the patience to read little novels. Choose humor as a tool to clear the tension and to develop your charisma, but don’t over-use it, since readers can come from different backgrounds. Keep in mind though that charisma works in the virtual world as well as in the real social situations.

Use the “thank you” button. It’s something our mothers always used to teach us while we were little kids, but this is the moment your mom’s advice should actually be taken into consideration. It’s not only the polite way to do it, but it also helps you with the process of building a reputation.

Reply to introductions. Always keep in mind that you were once a newbie too, and you would have valued some nice welcoming from the older members, it is your turn to make others feel welcomed.

This being said, go be the affiliate Spiderman of the forums and spend some time knowing the community and getting inside the network, it will only get you long-term benefits!